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CP Pegoraro S.r.l. began its activity in the early 70s following the great passion of Cesare Pegoraro for hunting and shooting, initially as a simple resale of weapons and ammunition. After a couple of years, the small artisan loading was born, aimed at meeting the most particular needs of hunters and shooters.
The favor that our cartridges received among users has allowed the loading to assume a position of pre-eminence within the company.



CP Pegoraro



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CP Pegoraro is a company specializing in the production and resale in Italy and abroad of Made in Italy car-tridges and ammunition for hunting, shooting and less than lethal.

Why choose CP Pegoraro S.r.l.
CP Pegoraro S.r.l. it is a winning mix between tradition and innovation. Born in 1970 from Cesare Pegoraro's passion for hunting as a shop for the sale of weapons and ammunition with an adjoining small artisan loading, over the years it has become a point of reference for hunters and shooters in the area, boasting a team of staff competent and professional. We carry out field tests to obtain ammunition that always guarantee an ex-cellent result even in adverse weather conditions, as often happens to those who practice hunting. Since 2000, the approach to the foreign market has meant that CP Pegoraro has become a well-known reality at an inter-national level for the quality of its products and reliability.

Our products
We select the best components on the market to produce our cartridges, always respecting the international C.P.I. standars.
We pay particular attention to safety standards and we always aim for innovation without neglecting tradi-tion: we are in fact one of the last remaining companies in the sector that still produces cartridges with the traditional round closure with disk, in our opinion the best closure system in order to guarantee the best per-formance in the hunting field. Our strength is Made in Italy, our shot, cartridge and bullet ammunition is dis-tributed in Italy through a network of resellers, and throughout the world through a network of distributors.

We make a full line of clay pigeon cartridges, carefully loaded for maximum performance. We also offer a line of cartridges specifically designed for IPSC dynamic shooting and a line of cartridges designed for hunting with pointing dogs, sedentary and migratory game. Finally, for hunting in humid environments, you will find cartridges loaded with non-toxic steel and copper shot.
Recently, we have introduced a line of “LESS THAN LETHAL” ammunition, loaded with our special HSI (High Shock Impact) (R) projectile that guarantees maximum traumatic effectiveness while minimizing collateral damage.

For any information contact us at +39 041 411082 or write an email to We are in Via F.lli Bandiera, 2, 30031 DOLO (VE) ITALY.