A great fan of hunting and shooting, in 1970 Cesare Pegoraro decided that the time had come to turn what was a hobby into a business, taking up the offer of a friend, owner of a small armory in the center of Dolo, to give him the business.
From the very beginning the small armory became a point of reference for most of the local hunters and shooters who wanted to have better quality ammunition than the ones available on the market until then.
The logical consequence was the decision to produce their own line of cartridges that could better meet the needs of their customers.
The purchase of a Coarm automatic loading machine, one of the first available at that time, made it possible to produce high quality ammunition faster, which quickly became one of the most appreciated at regional level.

In 1974, following the continuous increase in demand and the increasing appreciation of the cartridges produced, the armory and the loading facility moved to larger premises where other new machinery was added. This considerably increased the production capacity and allowed us to expand our sales also on a national level to such an extent that in 1985 we had to relocate the activity to what is still our headquarters today.

In 1989 Cesare's son, Luigi, joined the company and in 1993 the generational transition was completed with the transformation from a sole proprietorship to a company. In the following years the reputation of PEGORARO cartridges as a reference point in terms of quality and performance was consolidated nationwide.

A further leap in quality took place in 2000 when, thanks to the decision to participate in the international trade fair IWA in Nuremberg, the expansion of sales abroad began.


Cesare Pegoraro in the seventies


Luigi Pegoraro