Pegoraro Sport S.r.l. was founded by Cesare Pegoraro in the 1970’s, primarily for hunting and clay pigeon shooting.  The company began as a gun shop but gradually it began loading cartridges for special requirements of its customers.

Today this is Pegoraro Sport S.r.l. most important activity; due to the customer satisfaction we have earned over the years.  The unique climate of the Venice region, with cold winters and high humidity, has made it possible to carefully select the best components on the market: in this way we can produce a line of ammunitions with top ballistic performance for both rough and waterfowl shooting. Our interest in clay-pigeon shooting has enable us to develop a range of cartridges for Trap, Skeet, Sporting and ZZ-Cibles. The performance of our ammunition is characterised by low recoil, high velocity and very good patterns spread at long distance. We continue to maintain the highest levels of production, always searching (within limits) to use the same components.

Our expertise an skill continue to produce consistenly good results and performance, which few cartridge manufacturers can match.